For admission to different classes, tests are conducted of the standard of the class passed. Prospectus & Registration forms for admission to the school can be obtained form the school office on cash payment/can be done.

 Co-Curricular Activities

Our Institution apart from academic excellence provides opportunities for all round personality development of a child. We motivate the students and provide them a suitable environment for exposure. They actively participate in debate, quiz, painting competition at regular intervals at different levels.

 Arts And Craft

Art and craft is an important tool to enhance the creativity of a child. It widens the creativity of a child. It widens the creativity and imagination of a child. Art and craft classes are conducted for the students under the guidance of professionals & trained teachers.

 Music And Dance

Classical, folk and Western music & dance classes are held regularly to the interest and skills of the students in their field. Dance training is given by professional, trained and expert dancers.

Game And Sports

We provide ample opportunities for outdoor and indoor games to have the healthy development of mind and body. Now a days in most private colonies where there is little space for outdoor games, we provide training for all the games and sports by professional and trained teachers.

Audio Visual Teaching Aids

An extensive use of audio visual teaching aids are available for effective learning of the students. The school is equipped with charts, globs, a lot of play way equipments, colour television, DVD and other AV equipments.

Home Assignment

The teachers take care of that the home assignment is completed by the day decided . They guide how to Complete the home work in time as well a time management for further studies. The corrected version of the home assignment helps the students to be aware of their errors and evaluate their own capabilities and weaknesses.

Spoken English

The school gives special emphasis on proper spoken English and correct method of conversation. Teachers communicate and interact with students only in English so that students could pickup the communicative language easily at a faster speed.